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SignOn is a company specializing in assessing the personality and workstyle of individuals and groups using the projective tool of handwriting analysis. SignOn provides services to corporations as well as to the general public including individuals, couples, families, friends, students, partners, coworkers and the like.

SignOn's clients choose handwriting analysis knowing that it has been recognized as a social science by the Library of Congress (1981). Clients appreciate the fact that handwriting analysis is fast, accurate and thorough. It is non-discriminatory revealing only personality traits. Not sex, race, creed or age. But don't just listen to us. Listen to what our clients have had to say about SignOn's handwriting analysis.

Some real comments from our clients:

  • "The analysis you gave me is far more valuable than any counseling or management style assessment I have ever received. It not only explained but provided solutions to many of the management problems I have been facing. You not only helped me to understand myself better - but my friends and family were "blown away" when they listened to my tape!"
       - The owner of a search and recruit company.
  • "In using handwriting analysis, assets and time have been saved, productivity has increased and customer satisfaction is on the rise once again."
       - President of a major fast food chain.
  • "Your analysis is uncannily accurate, shocking in it's power and painless too! Thanks for helping us make the 'right fit'."
       - Senior consultant of a world wide consulting firm.
  • "My wife and I are ever so grateful for helping us understand one another better. You are right, 'Awareness promotes choices in our relationship.' That concept has helped us day in and day out."
  • "I thought I was a loser. All my school tests say so. Thank you for helping me understand that I am 'equal in intelligence - but different in my learning style.' By the way, you are invited to my graduation in three years. Stick around! I have decided to stick it out myself, thanks to you."
       - High school student (ready to drop out.)

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