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Visualization & Guided Imagery

What is Visualization and Guided Imagery?
Remember the saying ...

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Then add to this ...

"What you think is your reality .... What you think you are."

These two concepts help to explain the art of Visualization and Guided Imagery.

Visualization and Guided Imagery is a technique that assists you in creating whatever you want in your life. Think of it as consciously sending a picture or image to your subconscious mind and allowing this mind to believe what it sees to be real. The subconscious mind does not discriminate between real or imagined images. It simply sees and processes what it is given and then without even a question, your subconscious mind begins creating what it sees "WHEN YOU BELIEVE IT WITHOUT A DOUBT."




As you imagine visualizing yourself as thriving, healthy, focused and successful, this then is the reality your subconscious mind creates. When done properly for a thirty day period, your reality becomes what you think.

Why "30" days?

Theory of The Mind teaches that when you engage in any thought process and think it as for real for 21-30 days, the thought is "slam dunked" into your subconscious mind and becomes you. Many of our most successful athletes, politicians, actresses/actors, teachers, etc., understand and utilize the powers of their mind to affect change and move towards that which makes them the BEST they can be. They create a movie of success in their minds before actually engaging in their activity. They always see their success ahead of time. They also know that any action or thought that is engaged in for more than 21-30 days becomes automatic and real.


Do not doubt this theory. It is real. It is right. It is timely to understand.

You cannot afford to pass on understanding this simple, yet powerful...

Theory of the Mind.

Remember your subconscious mind receives a number of messages from you every second of your day ... both awake and asleep. The subconscious mind is always awake 24/7. Though your conscious mind will sleep, your subconscious mind is your GATEKEEPER. Use it wisely. It creates your reality based on the messages you think, say and do.

Keep one thought in mind. In order to get the most out of visualization, all your other messages to your subconscious mind have to be in agreement with what you visualize - otherwise you'll never create the things that you visualize no matter how hard you try. That can be easy to control in that, from this point forward you will only think positive, loving, affirming, supportive and respectful words to yourself and others. You will only engage in those activities that are healthy, productive, energizing and successful for you and others. It is not just about visualization ... It is about a whole new way of BEING


Think of it this way. You're in a row competition and there are a number of people rowing this boat with you. You tell one of them to row in a certain way so that you go in a certain direction. But if all the other people rowing with you are going in the opposite direction - that one person rowing will have little or no impact. The boat will never go the way you want. In order to get the most out of visualization you need make sure that all your thoughts and actions support the direction you want to go. When you do, you reach your destination sooner. See yourself cutting through the waves and headed straight for what you want. See yourself in the "WRITE FRAME OF MIND", setting your intentions for your destination then watch what happens. Why "Write" frame of mind you may wonder? Because you can "write" your own life script. Write it ... Image it ... Believe it ... Be it! "Be what you want be ... Want to be what you truly are."

Think about what Emile Coué, 19th century French professor said.

"We possess within us a marvelous force of incalculable power,

which gives us mastery over ourselves. A person's free will always yields to the imagination. This is an absolute rule to which there is no exception."

Since the imagination resides in the subconscious mind,

and it is susceptible to visual and imaged suggestions, you can see how planting carefully worded suggestions strategically could greatly influence your will.

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