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SignOn Handwriting Sample

Important instructions for submitting handwriting to be analyzed:

Submit 1 page of your most frequently used style of writing be it print or cursive on an 8 1/2" by 11" unlined paper. If you think you have two distinct styles of writing - one print & one cursive - please submit a separate sample of each. Indicate when you would tend to use each style of writing be it at work, correspondences, grocery list, etc. When you complete your sample, end with your signature (as you would write a check)

The content of the sample should not be copied from a text. It is best to just write off the "top of your head". Content is irrelevant.

Use a black ink pen. Ball point will do. No felt tips, please.

Be sure your writing surface is smooth.

If you are submitting someone else's sample with yours for compatibility be it as a couple, friends, family or co-worker, we prefer that a third party analyses be accompanied by a note from the third party authorizing the analysis.

All handwriting service requests can be sent the following ways:

  • On plain paper through the postal mail
    (North Reading, MA, 01864)
  • As a .GIF or .JPEG file attachment to an email
  • Via fax (978-664-9858)

An information form must be printed out
and included with the writing sample.

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