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What is Reiki?

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Pearlan has attained
MASTERSHIP in the REIKI method of Natural Healing.
She practices the Usui System of Reiki.

As an Independent Teacher of REIKI,
she is available to teach both individuals and groups at her office,
"The Self Center"

Pearlan has experienced the tremendous benefits and dramatic effects using REIKI techniques on clients seeking her assistance with physical well-being and mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Pearlan assists you in understanding the relationship of the Chakras


on balancing and healing yourself with the universal energy of



When you needed comforting as a child, do you remember the soothing touch of your mother's hand? Just where you needed it ... for as long as you needed it ... responding, securing and safeguarding ... making it all go away ... feeling important, acknowledged and nurtured. Such a natural response to touch, wouldn't you say? REIKI, a touch healing system from Japan, uses this natural touch during each encounter with a client. Many hospitals and clinics refer to "the healing hands" of REIKI. When you experience a REIKI session, the session is conducted in a private room of the office you visit. You will lie upon a massage table, fully clothed, draped respectfully with a sheet. The lighting of the room will be dim but reflective throughout. There may be music and light aroma in the room that soothes and lulls. The REIKI practitioner will begin by explaining the seven different energy centers of your body and demonstrate the touch on these centers. It is in the touching of these energy centers called Chakras that the client receives empowering, healing energy on whatever level needed for the mind, body and spirit. REIKI is practiced by transmitting healing energy through the hands of the practitioner to each of your energy centers. Chakras are centers throughout the body that act like lungs, breathing vital energy into our system and distributing it throughout the body along channels known as NADIS. Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel, and this serves to describe the spinning motion that the Chakras employ to draw this energy into your being. REIKI can be used to alleviate a wide variety of physical and emotional symptoms by activating the body's natural ability to heal itself.



. A system of healing using life force energy

· A useful tool for self-awareness and transformation

·A non-invasive therapy

. Practiced by transmitting energy through the hands

REIKI is not:

. Affiliated with any one religion or religious practice

. Based on any belief, faith or suggestion

The Self Center

Phone: 781-721-7299  *  Email: Pearlan@aol.com

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