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Reiki Testimonials

Reiki: Testimonials
The Self Center's Clients choose Reiki because it is safe and effective in achieving the outcomes desired. Read on for excerpts from their letters.

When I reflect on where I am today, compared to a couple of weeks ago, I have to believe that the beginning of my "Shift" from negative to positive energy began with the Reiki energy we shared. Without that balancing, I doubt that I could have been receptive to all of the information and energy coming to me from the Universe.

Charen A.

I had no idea that I would feel so relaxed and yet uplifted from our Reiki session. Over the last three days, I have had intense moments - it is hard to describe but maybe best to say a shifting of energy, all good feelings. I seem more grounded and less anxious. My blood pressure has been lower and more stable. I can't thank you enough for your gift.

Ed P.

Just need you to know that the IBS that I have had for years, appears to be subsiding since our three Reiki sessions. Will keep you posted.

Tom W.

It has been 2 years today of being cancer free. I need to keep thanking you for what you did for me during my diagnosis and subsequent treatment. I believe that our weekly Reiki sessions prepared my mind, body and spirit to work with the medications and treatments I had to endure. I also believe that I would not have made it through without it. My tune -up time is near. Calling you.


You are amazing! My doctor had no idea were my pain was coming from. Do you remember that during our Reiki session you felt heat from my wrist? Well the pain I was feeling in my shoulder was the result of an error made when blood was drawn at the hospital several days before. No one ever thought about that. They were looking at my head, neck and shoulders. I was lucky to have come to you. Besides, identifying the site of my problem, my whole body feels so healthy since our session. Thank you for your gift.

Melissa W.

You are right, Reiki is like a massage without touching! I have felt a tremendous calming effect from our session. I feel different in a good way. I want to maintain this feeling to stay grounded in my work. Thank you for your art in relaxing people. Nothing like it.

Jamie L.

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