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Hypnosis: Testimonials
The Self Center's Clients choose hypnosis because it is safe and effective in achieving the outcomes desired. Read on for excerpts from their letters.

Hi Pearlan

I have been to see you before to stop smoking. I am one of your success story's. I still to this day do not smoke. I think it has been at least 3 years. I would like to know if you can also help me with a few other things that I would like to improve in my life by hypnosis. I have been trying to lose weight for years and can not seem to get any were because I have no will power to curve my hunger for food and stay away from the other goodies like sweets. I would also in the future like to work to Improve my memory and study skills. Can you help me out through hypnosis?


To which I answered..."Yes, I can help."

Hi Pearlan,

I be good with my progress, darlin! I'm feeling very in control, which is rare for me, but quite welcome.


Ok, I am at the 1-week mark, (non-smoker) and, I'm pleased to report total, unequivocal success. The chances of me actually polluting my body with one of those things ever again seems very very remote...

I'll keep you updated, and I might want to come in for a refresher session at some point.. if you think that's a good idea. Thank you so, so much! :)

Yo, Pearl...

I'd be annoyed that you're always right except I benefit from it so I guess I can live with it. Thanks as always for the support and helping me get through "the latest ordeal".

- S

Hi Pearlan,

I just wanted to let you know how life changing my encounter with you was. In our time together you helped me unlock my voice, become reacquianted with my true self, and now slowly in the days, weeks, months to come...my spirit. I am embracing this journey with arms wide open and I look forward to using my voice and getting comfortable with my true self. While I have definately noticed a difference in my tendency to blush, I have gained so much more than that. Thank you thank you.

It was extremely validating and inspiring to come into contact with such a confident and empowered woman as yourself. I look forward to another session with you. I will e-mail you as soon as I know what week I have off in. In the meantime I have been rotating the CD's at night. Thanks again for all you do and all you are.

- Lydia

Dear Pearlan,

Thank you so much for your work with my daughter. The two of you connected in such a positive and productive way and I am very grateful. Thank you so much for the important difference you are making in my daughter's life. I'm happy that she will be returning to see you again. I'm confident that you can get her where she wants to be. With much appreciation.

- Dee

Hi Pearlan,

Thank you for helping me last night. I slept through the night! I did wake up about 3 am and I just said no, and I fell back to sleep. It was amazing driving home last night and not having all these thoughts running through my mind.


I am so inspired by you and the work that you do.You are changing the world one person at a time........You are quite the HEALER Pearlan.

- Kate


I can't thank you enough for what you did. She was so happy. I think you helped her answer some important questions. You're always there for us. Thank you.


What did you put into these cd's?? WOW! They are so awesome. I'm becoming very successful @ this eating every three hours...just a little. It has shown me what portion control really is. And... the choices of fruit, veges and proteins...and occasional carbs really works! I'm not sure I can afford the cost come winter time! I'll have to find some good lower salt soups. I'll ask my nutritionist. 14 down and only 81 to go...better than two weeks ago!!!

- Sharron S.

Your last weight loss class was awesome. I keep hearing that powerful statement of yours, "Every moment is an exercise moment." So as I email you I say "It is STRESSING my fingers to reach and stretch. OHHHHHH! I have exercised." Now I get what you mean. Thank you Pearlan for your inspiration.

- Dee

Hi Pearlan,

I really want to thank you for this past Monday's session of the Weight Control Class. I think it was the best so far. I am feeling more energetic by the day. Looking forward to the next session.

- Jules

Hi Pearlan

I am so excited!! This weight loss class is a winner for me. I can actually fit in some of the slacks that were tight. By the time I go away, I'll have a few more things to bring and I won't have to buy an outfit for my nephew's wedding either!! This is all I need to keep on going. Yes!!! I am woman, hear me roar!!!

Emily B.

Pearlan, My holiday weekend turned out really good. I was able to make good food choices and begin my walking again. This is really a good thing. I am thinking positively and am ready to move. This is all heading in the right direction. Your " Blueprint for Weight Control" CD is amazing.

- Emmy B.

Pearlan, what a wonderful gift you have. You have the power to heal. I am so blessed to have been guided to you. I have so much to tell you. I went to the beach today. I HAD to go. I released my past. I began to plan my future. I felt newborn.

I claimed what I wanted and needed and knew it will come to me.

Pearlan, it was amazing how quickly things happen after you let go.

Hi Pearlan.

I want to share with you that I was out for the evening tonight with friends that I had always gone out with and smoked cigarettes with...(the true test) and realized that what my session of hypnosis seemed to have done for me was....wiped out the fact that I was a smoker! All that is in my head is that "I am a nonsmoker." No temptation, no question, no doubt - thank you again.

Hi Pearlan,
Just a note to send my thanks to you for such an amazing experience! "I AM A NON-SMOKER" ... Day #6! All is going really well. I am surprised to find that I am having NO (physical) urges at all (they must be REALLY suppressed)? The only thoughts I do have are the "pattern interruptions" that we spoke of and if I am mindful and give those some thought, I am easily able to process it and let it go with tools you have given me (thank you again). I do realize this will be an ongoing process but I feel strong enough to deal with it thanks to your help. Have a wonderful week
Hi Pearlan - How are you? I am doing really well with this. I feel like I have never smoked and have not gotten any cravings or anything. How is that possible? Although I am not complaining! Hope all is well with you. Thank you soooo much
Hello Pearlan,
I just wanted to say THANKS again. I hit my 1 year mark last Wednesday, March 1st. I can't tell you how much this means to me. And my boyfriend ... we are both are smoke free and loving it. It's so good to say that we are non-smokers. Yippee! My friend came to you and is doing well. too.

I am so excited for her. Thanks again for everything!

Dear Pearlan,
I am definitely still doing well. It really is amazing - I have had a couple of encounters just recently and I was basically able to laugh at the situations. I would have gone off the deep end 6 weeks ago! I have been having back trouble and when I have to lay down I listen to you and I really feel better afterwards. I hope this is not insulting but I tend to fall asleep before the end of the CD. I hope you are doing well too. I can't thank you enough. My biggest fear is that the CD's power will stop working! If it does, you can bet I will be right back to see you. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but at least I feel confident that if I make a decision it will be a good one! Thank you again!
My friend has been telling me about you and the session she had with you last week. I would really like to make an appointment to meet with you. I can't even tell you how different she sounds and looks! It is like she is back to her old self and the difference was immediate and it is definitely something that I think I could benefit from! When you have time, call me. I would love to make an appointment. Thanks

- An Editor

Hi Pearlan,

I am so grateful for your part in my quitting smoking. It has been 1 week. I have not craved even 1 cigarette. I have thought about the act of smoking, but never craved the cigarette. I have been on a natural high now for over a week. People do notice, just as you said they would. I have some very stressful days in the last week and have practiced some of the techniques, such as taking deep breaths and exhaling and holding my stone or saying purple. I love listening to my tape at night. So relaxing. You've opened up a whole new world for me!!!! Once again Thank You.

Pearlan, I am amaze how this has worked for me. First of all I have attended 8 group hypnosis classes with you and rotated listening to the self hypnosis tapes daily. The affirmation tapes play in my car to and from work. I have become more relaxed, focused, and healthy. Yes, I say healthy because what I thought was a quick fix for weight loss has become a new way of life. I am more conscience about what I eat and drink (no caffeine!), how I exercise and guess what-what I feed my mind in terms of self talk as well as what I accept from others. The best yet is that I have lost 12 pound and have kept it off with no effort. May I thank you for your knowledge and skill, thank the group for providing me with weekly support and yes ... as you have taught me ... thank myself for using my mind to achieve my goal in (as you say) using my gift of thinking. "What I think is my reality... What I think I am." I am healthy, energized, happy and LOOKING GOOD! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Wait! THANK ME! Please tell the group it is well worth it." - ICU Nurse
"One session ... just one session and my back pain is gone! My chiropractor of two years is amazed at the results. Better yet, I can pick up my grandchildren again." -Happy grandmother of six girls and four boys.
"My wife and I are ever so grateful for the help you gave our son. His lack of self-confidence and stuttering behaviors made him an easy target for ridicule in middle school. After 3 sessions, he is a changed boy. He was just voted to the student counsel. By the way, he still listens to his tapes nightly." -Relieved parents.
"My fear of the dentist has been cause of great distress. Imagine that! And here I am President of a major computer manufacturing company. I have avoided the dentist for so long that it has resulted in major repairs needed. I never could have done it without hypnosis. I made it through 3 sessions already and am ready to go back for more. I bring my "trusty hypnosis tape" to listen to as he "drills and kills!' Thank you for helping me to help myself." -Male executive.
My nail biting has caused such grief and embarrassment for me as a fashion designer. I never thought I would be able to touch the fine fabrics again without risking pulls and hanging threads. Well, we did it. I am happy to tell you, that after our session, I am beginning to grow long and stronger nails. What a relief it has been to me. My boyfriend thanks you too!" -Woman fashion designer.
"You put me out! Nothing has ever relaxed me like this before, I couldn't move and didn't want to. Looks like I am coming back." -Stressed out Executive

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