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Handwriting analysis at SignOn
SignOn is a company specializing in assessing the personality and workstyle of individuals and groups using the projective tool of handwriting analysis. More info
Benefits of
Handwriting Analysis
Handwriting analysis identifies traits and behaviors. This information can be used to improve communication and interpersonal dynamics. Handwriting analysis is widely accepted and used by major corporations. More info
Pearlan assists you in achieving "Rapport in Human Excellence" as she weaves the sciences of Handwriting Analysis, Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP into an art form. Your maximum potential can be realized. Her services translate on many levels with any individual or group you may encounter both personally and professionally! More info
After analyzing your writing sample(s), we offer individualized audio tapes and graphs discussing your traits and how they play out for you whether in understanding your personal life, work life, compatibility with others, learning style, and more. More info
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