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Handwriting Analysis Courses

Handwriting Analysis Courses
An ongoing, three hour workshop offered to the public:

Be Fear Free:

How to identify fears & insecurities in your handwriting.

How to eliminate them in your life using Graphotherapy.

Do you ever wonder why that with all the best of intentions and efforts, you still can't get to where you want to be either personally or professionally? Handwriting analysis can identify the "Holdup" by examining strokes in your writing that signal fears and insecurities. You will learn how to find these strokes and their meaning in your own writing sample and be empowered to make changes, by simply changing how you write through repetitive exercise based on Graphotherapy. Graphotherapy is based on the fact that since handwriting comes from the subconscious, it provides the most direct route back to the subconscious. Just as the subconscious mind affects handwriting, handwriting can be used to affect the subconscious mind. Combining the principles of neurology and psychology of handwriting analysis, Graphotherapy can be a powerful and effective method for changing your life. Imagine a life without fear and insecurities. It begins with a single stroke.

Instructor: Pearlan Feeney-Grater

Certified Handwriting Analyst and Founder/President
of SignOn at The Self Center in Winchester, MA

Course beginning in March, 2002.

Call for details.

Course also being offered at my private office for beginners, intermediate and advanced Handwriting Analysts. Call for dates and details.
 The following course for beginners is being offered at my private office. Call for dates & details:

Handwriting Analysis: Know Yourself, Know Others, Know More!

Imagine having the power to know more about a person in the first three minutes than it takes most people a lifetime to figure out! You can do this easily by using the science of handwriting analysis. Learn the basics of handwriting analysis using a method that is fast, easy, fun, and based on scientific theory. Participants will learn through lecture and hands-on analysis how to identify major psychological traits in handwriting and understand how they translate into personal and professional personality and work styles.

Instructor: Pearlan Feeney-Grater

Certified Handwriting Analyst and Founder/President
of SignOn in Winchester, MA

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