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Create Your Own Soul Cards

The Self Center offers this workshop developed and facilitated by Jean DiGiovanna, founder of ThinkPeople.

Are you craving more fun, creativity and inspiration in your life?

What if you had a tool you could access at anytime to find answers to the questions you face?

As human beings, we naturally have lots of questions about life, love and the pursuit of happiness! The truth is, the answers lie within us, yet we often look outside for those answers. We rely on others to assist us or tell us what is best for us. In this workshop, you will create your own set of cards with images that call to you so that in the future, when you have a question for yourself, you now have a tool to help access the answers. We call these "Soul Cards."

Through collaging, cutting and color, you will create your own soul cards. Everyone is welcome no matter what level of artistic ability!

All you need to do is come with your willingness to create and have fun!

You will leave the workshop with:

  • An understanding of the value and purpose of Soul Cards

  • Personally created Soul Cards you can immediately access in your life

  • Renewed energy around your own creativity and spirituality

  • Reusable process for creating personal soul cards

  • New connections and inspiration to be creative!

Join us for a fun and soulful workshop that taps into your creativity and spirituality!

About Jean DiGiovanna, founder of ThinkPeople

Jean is a Certified Personal and Professional Coach, Mentor Coach and Facilitator with over 10 years of experience.

Jean coaches people through life and career transitions and runs life strategies workshops empowering them to have a life they love. Through coaching, adventure based learning and speaking, Jean works with Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and teams to improve their effectiveness, creativity and communication. She develops tools and products for Coaches and works with coaches helping them access their power and expand their view of what is possible for them as coaches.

She balances her career with being an artist and dancer and enjoys integrating her passions.

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Use your strongest traits. Let Handwriting Analyst, Pearlan Feeney-Grater of The Self Center and Make-up Artist, Chris Vasiliadis of Signature Faces, reveal your best features, inside and out, knowing, without a doubt, that you have mastery of "You." Come for an afternoon of getting to know the best of you and loving what you know.

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Price of $65.00 includes:

  • A fifteen minute, audio-taped, handwriting analysis session, highlighting your most prominent personality feature.

  • A fifteen minute make-up demonstration enhancing your most striking feature.

  • Handwriting Analysis Card Deck ($10 value)

  • Make-up tip booklet: Putting Your Best Face Forward ($5.00 value)

  • 10% discount coupon towards a one hour Handwriting Analysis or Make-up application/lesson

  • Light refreshments & company of others

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The following course is applicable to people from all walks of life and can be appropriate for use in both our personal and professional lives. It is most valuable in dealing with our own lives in understanding and facilitating positive interactions with those we live or work with. This course has been attended by lawyers, counselors, hypnotherapists, holistic counselors, parents, couples, teachers and others. They have used this information to facilitate understanding of the real issues at hand and get to the "heart of the matter" when often we cannot articulate "what is the matter."


Learn from the expert ...
Join Pearlan for a 1 day (3 hour each) course

Offered to the public:

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How to identify fears & insecurities objectively by examining your own handwriting.

How to understand the implications of these fears and what to do about them.


How to eliminate them in your life using Graphotherapy.

Do you ever wonder why that with all the best of intentions and efforts, you still can't get to where you want to be either personally or professionally? Handwriting analysis can identify the "Holdup" by examining strokes in your writing that signal fears and insecurities. You will learn how to find these strokes and their meaning in your own writing sample or that of others and be empowered to make changes through what ever means works for you.

In this class you will understand what the FEAR TRAIT means be it self-consciousness, sensitivity to criticism, procrastination, low self-esteem, argumentativeness, sarcasm, self-sabatage, etc. You will learn about your own personality, how you are being perceived and how you impact others because of these fear traits. You will further learn how to work with these fears and eliminate their impact on your life both personally and professionally. Turn them into an asset. Imagine that. Any TRAIT can be a blessing or a curse. Together, we participate in an exercise that will create your "CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE" that gives you an internal "POINT OF STRENGTH" in being the best "YOU" you can be.

You will even be introduced to the concept of Graphotherapy that teaches by simply changing how you write one single strike through repetitive exercise you can reframe the fears you may have. Graphotherapy is based on the fact that since handwriting comes from the subconscious, it provides the most direct route back to the subconscious. Just as the subconscious mind affects handwriting, handwriting can be used to affect the subconscious mind. Combining the principles of neurology and psychology of handwriting analysis, Graphotherapy can be a powerful and effective method for changing your life.

Imagine a life without fear and insecurities.

It begins with a single stroke.

Instructor: Pearlan Feeney-Grater

20 years experience

Certified in Handwriting Analysis/Graphotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Psychology, Language Therapy, & Reiki.



Feel free to bring handwriting samples of friends, coworkers and family members.

SignOn at The Self Center
805 Main Street
Winchester, MA 01864

"Be Fear Free" Workbook included in cost of this course.

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Becoming a Love and Logic ParentŪ

A Free Introductory Workshop

Liz Warrick will facilitate a free introductory workshop to the series "Becoming A Love and Logic ParentŪ on Sunday, January 23, 2005 at 2:00 p.m. at the Self Center.

"Becoming a Love and Logic Parent" is a program developed by Jim Fay (educator and school principal) and Foster W. Cline, M.D. (adult and child psychiatrist), the founders of the Love and Logic Institute, Inc. in Golden, Colorado. They are also the authors of the best seller Parenting with Love and Logic and over 100 other books and resources. The Becoming a Love & Logic Parent program is guided by five basic principles:

  • Preserve and enhance the child's self concept.

  • Teach children how to own and solve the problems they create.

  • Share the control and decision-making.

  • Combine consequences with high levels of empathy and warmth.

  • Build the adult-child relationship.

If you would like more information, please contact Liz Warrick at 1-781-721-7299 or e-mail liz@lizwarrick.com.



Background Information:

"Becoming a Love and Logic Parent" is a seven session course which meets once per week developed by Jim Fay (educator and principal) and Foster W. Cline, M.D. (adult and child psychiatrist), the founders of the Love and Logic Institute, Inc. in Golden, Colorado. They are also the authors of the best seller Parenting with Love and Logic and over 100 other books and resources. The Becoming a Love & Logic Parent program is guided by five basic principles:


  • Preserve and enhance the child's self concept.

  • Teach children how to own and solve the problems they create.

  • Share the control and decision-making.

  • Combine consequences with high levels of empathy and warmth.

  • Build the adult-child relationship.

Workshop Description:

Becoming a Love and Logic ParentŪ

Would you like powerful solutions for difficult moments in child rearing? Would you like a healthier relationship with your child? Would you like more fun parenting? Would you like to enhance your parenting skills? This seven week workshop in parenting provides practical skills for immediate use with children from toddlers to teens. As a participant you will learn how to prepare your child for life:

  • Stimulate responsibility, resiliency, and academic achievement

  • Prevent misbehavior

  • Avoid power struggles while setting limits

  • Build character and responsibility

  • Solve problems

  • Resist unhealthy peer pressure

  • Make wise decisions

Summary for parents/participants:

In a workshop format with Liz Warrick parents/participants will:

  • Learn how to use Love and LogicŪ solutions to enhance your relationships with the children in your lives.

  • Learn how to arm those children with powerful tools and the skills to use them to prepare them for life.

Healing Readings with Beverly Anderson

Monthly on Sundays: Call for schedule

Beverly is a gifted reader who channels information for you through her guides. She also uses tarot cards. Come with questions that you'd like to ask or just have her read what comes up. Call The Self Center and leave a message along with your phone number. We'll call you back to book the appointment. The fees are as follows: $25/15 min, $45/30 min, $65/45 min, $85/1 HR

The following course for beginners is being offered at my private office. Call for dates & details:

Handwriting Analysis: Know Yourself, Know Others, Know More!

Imagine having the power to know more about a person in the first three minutes than it takes most people a lifetime to figure out! You can do this easily by using the science of handwriting analysis. Learn the basics of handwriting analysis using a method that is fast, easy, fun, and based on scientific theory. Participants will learn through lecture and hands-on analysis how to identify major psychological traits in handwriting and understand how they translate into personal and professional personality and work styles.

Instructor: Pearlan Feeney-Grater

Certified Handwriting Analyst and Founder/President
of SignOn in Winchester, MA

Quit Quitting

Imagine Being a Non-Smoker
One session is all you need.

~ Hypnosis ~
~ Stress Reduction ~
~ Routine Changing ~

All proven methods to assist you in becoming a non-smoker.

Affirmation tape included in price.

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What you think becomes your reality...

Think ...

Healthy ... Ideal body weight ... In shape

Stressless ... Balanced ... Relaxed ... Successful

Easily, quickly and permanently...

ACHIEVE "The Ideal You" in
Mind ... Body ... Spirit



Classes fill quickly

Dates: Call for next scheduled classes held on Mondays and Thursdays

Bring a pillow and blanket. Cushioned mats provided.

You will participate in ongoing group hypnosis sessions at $25.00 a session.

You will receive a CD of each session you attend for self-hypnosis.

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Kids Course
"Taking the High Road: A Social Skills Group"

Solutions to Social Problems:
Reframing thinking for positive outcomes.

For children grades 1-3 ... 4-6 ... 7-9

"Positive social skills are the missing link to
a child's self-esteem, resiliency and future success."

Imagine your child being accepted, fitting in, making friends, saying and
doing what is appropriate, feeling confident and advocating positively
for whatever the need may be.
Secure your child's ability for learning and adjustment
both in and out of school and later in life.

Give your child the opportunity for developing acceptable social behavior.

As our children continue to sharpen the skills of reading, writing, and math for MCAS, more and more, parents and educators are seeing that competent social language skills are of equal importance for success in today's world. In fact, these skills may be the "missing link" to a child's self-esteem, resiliency and future success. With ever-increasing expectations, demands, challenges, and unfortunately, violence in our schools, it is critical that children learn how to communicate and solve problems with one another in a non-violent way. While most would agree as to the importance of communicating, feeling accepted, getting along, fitting in, and advocating positively for oneself, few of our children receive specific training in these social skills. These skills include making and keeping friends, communicating effectively, maintaining self-control, predicting social consequences, resisting peer pressure, maintaining self-esteem, and more. It is hoped that many children will develop these skills naturally as part of "just growing up" through imitation and trial & error. Yet according to statistics, about 25% of regular education students and over 75% of students with learning disabilities will require some type of interpersonal skills education for learning and adjustment both in and out of school as well as later in life. "Taking The High Road" is a six week social-skills group that does just that. Children will learn personal strategies that foster efficient and effective communication skills, critical thinking skills, self-awareness, personal responsibility and self-advocacy.

Over 25 years experience working with children, adolescents, and adults
Pearlan Feeney-Grater,


Educator / Speech & Language Therapist / Hypnotist / NLP / Handwriting Analyst

In short, this program will provide children with an opportunity to interact cooperatively with others in a small group setting. Imagine what this will do for your child. Secure your child's future starting NOW.

Six-week, hour-long sessions ... [Call for fees and class schedule.]

Call Pearlan Feeney-Grater (781-721-7299)

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