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Recently a newspaper asked that I write an article on a timely issue for people today. As I finished the article, I decided once again, it is time to do something for us all... This newsletter is a challenge to all clients (past, present and future), who have had it with their WEIGHT. No time to lose!

Please read on ...

WEIGHT LOSS ... the constant topic of conversation as we sit around eating, snacking, munching, tasting, nibbling, sampling, gorging, ... only to talk some more about, blood pressure, fatigue, aches & pains, the clothes that don't fit, the events we avoid because of how we look and feel, sleep problems, our midriff and more. Excuses abound: age, chemistry, menopause, stress, depression, medications, heredity, time, the kids, the job, holidays, birthdays, celebrations, the office kitchen, our own kitchen!

The most frequent statement or should I say "cry for help" is:

"How much more motivated do I need to be? I AM OUT OF CONTROL."

Well ... though motivation and control are part of the solution, it is not the full answer. How many of us have tried the "new and improved" diet, lose the weight, only to put it all back on and then some? All these fad diets will ultimately fail because they work only with one part of your mind....Your conscious mind.

What if I told you that deep inside your mind is the blueprint for a slimmer, healthier you. You would definitely want to read on. Just as your mind has the capacity to add weight to your body, it also has the equal capacity to reduce your body weight—effectively, easily and timely. When you set your mind to wanting to achieve your ideal body weight and shape, that is only half the task. The conscious mind may be highly motivated but the subconscious mind may not cooperate based on years of conditioning, poor health and life style habits. Theory of the Mind teaches that the subconscious mind will always win out. That's a fact! So if you want to make conscious changes in your life for your health and well being, consulting a qualified Hypnotherapist who works with your subconscious mind is in order. A Hypnotherapist uses proven techniques to "slam-dunk" powerful, positive suggestions, safely into your subconscious mind- the place where change in behaviors must occur in order to assure a positive outcome. When your mind accepts these suggestions to reduce weight, your mind normalizes your metabolism, and your daily choices and habits begin to automatically move towards a slimmer, healthier you. These new choices then become easier and easier to become habits - such as eating well, exercising regularly, and releasing unhealthy habits from your life. Your powerful subconscious mind contains the inner blueprint, which is like the software for your body's computer. This 'programming' for your metabolism and the 'automatic software' creates your everyday habits. These habits greatly influence body weight and health. The subconscious mind is the source where new thoughts and ideas originate from, which in turn; begin to make changes to your metabolism and your weight. Nothing could be easier or more successful! By using hypnotherapy, you may be the biggest loser yet this season... a permanent loser.

If you have tried this, you know. If you have not, you have everything to gain.

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