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OK Men & Woman ...Could spring be around the corner?

Good news. The groundhog saw his shadow and so you have more time to make yours smaller, leaner and toned before the spring is here. 

It is time to get in the shape you want to be ... It is time to shed the layers of warm clothing and take on the look of a spring chick or a sculptured jaguar?

Let's get it right ... Once and for all! Enough thought about what does or does not fit.

No excuses ... Tomorrow is now. Let's get it right  ... Take 6 weeks to
Then stay at your ideal body weight and shape for good.


From Monday, February 25- March 31, at 6:00 PM-7:30 PM,  we will join together for a class on:

Mental Training for Effective Exercise & Weight Control

Each week I will coach you to health using Hypnosis along with my "VELVET SLEDGEHAMMER!"

Hmm... what could that be? Whatever it takes!"

You'll comply to achieve your ideal body weight and shape! It is the only choice.


Now each participant will use the CD/DVD set "Mental Training for Effective Exercise & Weight Control."

We will chart your progress and see results. Let's put our minds to it and do it right!

The fee for this class will be $149.00 and includes the CD/DVD that will be used nightly. If you have the CD/DVD already, the cost will be adjusted.

Or you can receive an additional CD as a reinforcement to this program.

Call now and reserve your space. Fee and registration must be received by February 18, 2008 ... THINK ABOUT IT ...

"Such little NOTICE" you may think. I say you have been noticing for quite some time and I know that you know I have heard you say

"I need to get a grip on my weight." Now I will help you do it. 

Run to the phone and call to start the process of restoring your health... You are so worth it. Ya think? 781-721-7299



Mondays- February 25, March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

6:00 PM-7:30 PM


(Class and CD/DVD included)

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