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European Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy Comes to America"


Please join me Pearlan Feeney-Grater, Practitioner- Domancic Method Bioenergy Healing
Thursday, January 31 from 7:00 PM-9:00 PM
The Self Center, 805 Main Street, Winchester, MA.

Be opened to take 2 hours of your time, to secure a lifetime of health. You are so worth it.

Read on, please:

The groundbreaking, highly effective Domancic Method of bioenergy healing therapy developed in former Yugoslavia in the 1970's by renowned healer Zdenko Domancic (Doe-MAAN-cheech), is now available in the United States. Supported with documented results both medically and scientifically, the Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy has effectively treated many "incurable" diseases including Diabetes, MS, Parkinson's, Gangrene, Alzheimer's, Asthma, Arthritis, Hepatitis C, tumors, effects on stroke victims, Sinusitis and many other undesirable conditions. The Domancic Method uses 7 simple techniques—which can be learned by anyone—to boost the immune system and treat illness by:

  • Physically balancing electromagnetic fields in and around the body.

  • Using highly directed intention.

  • Channeling bioenergy, the Universal Life-force containing the correct information needed for the body to heal itself.

The Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy uses the life sustaining energy of the Universe, sometimes called Prana or Chi, to balance the energy body, stimulate the immune system, eliminate pain, regenerate tissue and create healing. The therapist helps jump start the immune system so the body can heal itself. It is a serious treatment which can be used by a professional therapist or a devoted family member. Healing sessions last about 15 minutes for four consecutive days. This safe, simple, teachable and incredibly successful healing method is a phenomenon that has helped over one million people. There are many documented cases of successful healing including the 1985 case study where the leading medical establishment of Yugoslavia documented Zdenko's Domancic treatment of 300 people with advanced stages of gangrene. After receiving treatment, the patients were cured of gangrene and no extremities were amputated. This medical evaluation lasted for almost half a year and is documented in a book entitled, "Healer Domancic" by D. Jakcin.

ABOUT How Bioenergy Healing Works

The therapy is based on balancing the energy body, which is our matrix, and which is capable of reflecting an imbalance long before the physical body shows any signs of illness or disease. This matrix, our Aura, our defense, or immune system, has all the information about our sickness or health. When our energy body is balanced, and surrounds our physical body evenly, we are healthy, but when our energy body is unevenly distributed, we become sick. The balancing of the energy body by the therapist is made possible by the fact that the stronger potential influences the weaker potential. The therapist doesn't use his or her own energy but rather channels the Bioenergy from outside, the energy that contains all the information your body needs, to the part of the body where it is needed, or takes the excess energy away from the part where there is too much of it. This way the therapist is supplying the body with information, contained in the Bioenergy, which is necessary for proper functioning of the immune system, and the body begins to heal.

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