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In Honor of Peter Jennings

As I was emailing you all Sunday night, I saw the news about Peter Jennings.

Would I have been so fortunate to work with him and contribute to his life, as he has to ours.

Now, whether you were a fan of his or not, I was because he was a familiar face to me throughout the years. A face I trusted and respected because of his high standards of reporting, his work ethics and family values. What endeared him to me more was that he was Canadian-born journalist from a place that my mother and family lived. So as they say ... Everyone in Canada is a COUSIN ... I hope on some level he was to me.

We all know he died of lung cancer from smoking.

In honor of his spirit and contributions, I ask that if any of you know people who smoke, send them this email. This is not about business, this is about timing-something Peter ran out of. When one smokes and hears of someone who has died of smoking ... it rallies the forces within to STOP.

I know. I have experienced this with clients ... FEAR is a funny motivater. But if that is what it takes ... then so be it.

Understand that I know what I am doing with smoking cessation and can be the chance for someone- a chance that Peter did not have. What does anyone have to loose? The cost of a few cartons of cigarettes! For $125.00 the client will experience a two hour session that could save a life.

Let your friends know that through a combination of various techniques using Hypnotherapy, Pattern Interrupt with Neurolinguistic Programming and a four day detox program, people have stopped smoking. An added feature of our session is that they receive a personalized Smoking Cessation CD recorded that day. They will listen to this information every night for 30 days to "slam-dunk" the powerful suggestions about not smoking ever again. Yes! I put people to sleep and proud of it! I have testimony after testimony about my technique-available for anyone to read upon request.

See me as an antibiotic for the mind, eliminating that which is toxic and restoring the body to a healthy state once again.

So ... Your next step ... Send this message on to someone you care about. In return. when he/she comes in for a session, you will be gifted with a relaxation and stress reduction CD that uses the techniques of visualization and guided imagery.

Imagine being relaxed, lulled and soothed, simply by listening to this CD.

If you have tried this yourself ... You know. If you have not ... You must.

You have everything to gain ... and so too, does your friend.

Email this to whomever you choose.

Tell them to mention you as the referral and when the appointment is booked, I will call you.


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